Stone Work and Patios

Retaining Walls

The purpose of a retaining wall in a residential setting is to “correct” the natural slope of the grounds, leaving a level area for gardening, building a patio, or enjoying more of your property than you would otherwise be able to. This function calls for a huge amount of strength, endurance, and weather resistance. Nowadays, concrete may be the material that best fills the bill.

Concrete Foundations

Slab Foundations

A slab is one of the most common types of foundations, requiring the least amount of lot prep to begin building. Installation is simple compared to other foundation types, making slab foundations popular among homeowners for their relatively low price tag.


  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Prices

Basement Foundations

Basements are excellent for anchoring a property to the ground while extending the foundation below the area’s frost line, which helps maintain the integrity of the foundation over time.


  • More, Cheap Square Footage
  • Seasonal Living Space
  • Easy-Access for Repairs
  • Storm Protection
Ground Preparation for Concrete Slabs

Some concrete problems are the result of poor soil preparation and control of the grade that the concrete rests on. Well-prepared flat ground surfaces, uniformly compacted to the specified densities will properly support the loads imposed on the concrete above. In addition, by controlling water content in the ground over time, soils won’t shrink or expand. 

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